Which Paint Sprayer is Best?

Last year I had a painting experience with an ordinary brush and I would like to say that it wasn’t as easy as I was expected. It was quite time consuming and tiring for me after painting one room I feel desperate need of a painting partner. That’s why I started looking for paint sprayers. After lot of research I was able to pick the one and that turned out quite effective. So, for the convenience of others I have decided to guide them that which paint sprayer is best?

Which Paint Sprayer is Best?
Which Paint Sprayer is Best?

Different types of Sprayer System

If any of you heard before about paint sprayer than you pretty much familiar that there are multiple painting systems are available in market.

  • Airless paint sprayer: This high pressurized paint sprayer is used for the variety of different tasks. With this a large surface can be painted rapidly. The over spray problem can be minimized and for the best results look for a product with reversible spray tip. It is Best for Large Exterior
  • HVLP sprayer: This HVLP paint sprayer is also known as “High Volume Low Pressure”. Its working mechanism is quite different from Airless paint sprayer. In this mechanism a high volume of air breaks the paint particles into small droplets which are also known as “Paint Mist”. It is Best for Detailed Finish.
  • Cup Sprayer: This is a manual spray gun. There is small paint cup located on body. The mechanism uses gravity or propellant to bring paint to nozzle. Some of them are corded and some are cordless. Being a small sprayer it holds very small amount of paint at a time. It is Best for smaller projects such as touch-up and cabinet paint.
  • Air Sprayer: It is conventional style air sprayer which uses air to spray. These air sprayers spray very large amount of paint in air and surrounding as well. Moreover, it needs paint to be thinned and also offer more spraying patterns. It is Best for Quality Finishes.